Eco Chlor RJ20 Salt Water Chlorinator | 60,000 Litre | 7-Year Warranty

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The EcoChlor Titanium Edition self cleaning salt water chlorinator is a complete solution for replacing an old chlorinator or converting a pool to saltwater chlorination for the first time. It is intended for use in pools up to 60,000 litres in volume.  It is designed and ested to perform in the toughest of Australia climates and offers superior levels of control, style and convenience. This system automatically produces chlorine to sanitize and disinfect the water and self regulates the chlorine output when the salinity level is out of the normal operating range.

The unit includes unions as well as a 2m cable to connect the cell to the power center to allow for flexibility in installation. Its three-port design is adaptable for use in plumbing returns of 40mm or 50mm in diameter.  It includes an LCD digital readout and keypad that's easy to read and understand, so adjusting its chlorine production when necessary is quick and simple. 

The Eco Chlor Titanium Edition also comes with a seven-year prorated warranty for residential use, the longest in the industry.


  • Chlorine Output Bars show percentage of capacity currently being used in increments of 10%
  • Polarity indicators show if reverse polarity (a self-cleaning feature) is currently in effect
  • The unit produces 20 g/hr
  • High Salt and Low Salt indicators make management of pool's salt level simple
  • Flow sensor shuts unit off when no water flow is detected
  • 3-port design allows for additional installation options
  • Super CL button increases chlorine production as needed
  • Winter Mode decreases production in colder periods to lengthen cell life
  • Salinity Test button allows for evaluation of salt content at any time
  • Industry leading 7 Year Limited Warranty 

Product Highlights:

  Free Shipping - All salt systems are shipped for free to any location within Australia.

  Clear Cell Housing - View chlorine production and check for scale build up at any time.

  High Performance Electrodes - Our Platinum Edition cells all use high performance long life Titanium electrodes with a specially formulated Platinum and Iridium coating.

  Eco Friendly - Salt cell pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.

Product Documents:

DownloadEco Chlor Salt Chlorinator Product Manual

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