Zodiac Titan CF50 Cartridge Filter | 2 Year Warranty


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Zodiac's Titan CF50 Cartridge Filter are a single element Pool Filter which is suitable for small to medium sized residential pools. They are highly efficient and are ideal for installation in which space is at a premium because of their small footprint design.

As they are cartridge based filters, there is no need for back washing: simply hose down the filter element when necessary. This will save you thousands of litres of water, when compared to a sand filter and the required back washes.

The element is made of premium and durable materials which guarantees a superior filtration and a long life.


  • Made with durable materials which are UV resistant.
  • Light weight and compact design will ensure an easy installation and future maintenance.
  • A heavy duty lid fitted with a ring lock nut provides easy removal and maintenance.
  • Screw type air bleed allows easy removal of trapped air.
  • An oil filled pressure gauge is fitted.
  • Warranty on tank is 2 years. 1 Year for all other parts. 

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