Zodiac CX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner | 2 Year Warranty


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The Zodiac CX20 uses the power of exclusive cyclonic suction technology for optimum clean of your pool's floor and walls with the added benefit of the Push 'n' Go system.


  • Powerful cyclonic suction technology for optimum and consistent efficiency with no loss of suction power
  • Capture large debris such as leaves and gum nuts while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • Easy and hygienic access to filter canister. Simply press the Push 'N' Go button to release the filter canister and easily empty debris
  • The eBox comes equipped with a Surface Control System which lets you adjust the settings for wall cleaning on rough to smooth surfaces. the LED lights on the eBox illuminate to indicate pump strength.
  • 150 watts / Hour  
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Cleans floors and partial walls. 
  • Picks up most leaves and small debris. Ideal for sand and silt.
  • Not suitable for large debris like twigs, gum nuts, eucalyptus leaves.   

Product Highlights:

  Free Shipping - All salt systems are shipped for free within Australia.

   Eco Friendly - Salt cell pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.


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