Speck Eco Touch V8 Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pump, 6 Star Rated


$1,089.00 $1,250.00


The new, BADU Eco Touch V8 pump is cutting edge motor technology which is revolutionizing energy efficiency by lowering power consumption and operating costs while increasing water quality in pools and spas.Thanks to its 6 Star energy rating, the highly efficient BADU Eco Touch V8 is setting the standard compared with a conventional induction motor pump. The operating costs and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower in comparison with a standard pump meaning the pump pays for itself in less than two years!


  • Patented permanent magnet motor, with axil rotor, referred to as EC Motor, perfected for use in swimming pools and spa filter systems
  • For pool and spas from 30m3 to 70m3
  • Speed 1 (low) for night time operation
  • Improved speed control at Speed 2 (medium) delivers improved water quality – reducing need for chemicals
  • Speed 3 (high) for filter backwashing
  • Pre-set stages always provide optimal performance for power savings
  • Simple and brilliant – the lower the motor speed the lower the energy consumption
  • Settings can be selected using a user-friendly control panel
  • Separate interface to allow for external touch free control
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • dBa ratings at 1m 52.5dB
  • Stainless steel shaft and 100% recyclable plastics for corrosion and salt water resistance
  • Motor double sealed for total separation between the pool water and pump shaft
  • Suitable for pools with a maximum salt level of 5,000 ppm

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