Eco Chlor LM2-15, 20 & 24 | Retro Salt Water Chlorinator | 7-Year Warranty

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The Titanium Edition Retrofit is a perfect generic replacement for your Zodiac LM2-15, 20 & 24 , it is a work horse built to be dependable, user friendly and provide years of trouble free service. Incorporating only the highest quality materials, the system is complete with a durable powder coated Power Module and long life electrodes. 

Quick and Easy Retrofit:

Our Retrofit Chlorinators easily replaces your existing  salt water chlorinator without any plumbing changes in 15-20 minutes:

  • Hang the new control box on the wall
  • Remove your old cell from the barrel union and fit new cell in its place
  • Screw the output cable from the new cell into the new power supply
  • Program the timer


  • Chlorine Output Bars show percentage of capacity currently being used in increments of 10%
  • Polarity indicators show if reverse polarity (a self-cleaning feature) is currently in effect
  • High Salt and Low Salt indicators make management of pool's salt level simple
  • Flow sensor shuts unit off when no water flow is detected
  • 3-port design allows for additional installation options
  • Super CL button increases chlorine production as needed
  • Winter Mode decreases production in colder periods to lengthen cell life
  • Salinity Test button allows for evaluation of salt content at any time
  • Industry leading 7 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

What's in the box:

  • Chlorinator control box
  • Electrolytic cell with output cable


Product Highlights:

  Affordable Prices - Titanium Edition chlorinators save you money and are a great alternative to expensive OEM salt systems.

No Tools Required - All our cells are plug & play that simply install into the existing plumbing with no cutting or gluing required.

  Free Shipping - All salt systems are shipped for free to any location within Australia.

  Eco Friendly - Salt cell pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.


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