Aquasphere Pool Cleaner by Zodiac Baracuda | Head Only

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The Aquasphere Pool Cleaner is perfect for the budget-conscious buyer. The Aquasphere cleaner offers a reliable pool cleaning solution at a great price. Designed to clean both in ground and aboveground pools, this model ensures thorough cleaning at a minimum effort from the home owner.

This is the Head-Only version of the cleaner. It is ideal if you just want to upgrade your current cleaner and keep your current Barracuda hoses.


  • No moving parts to hinder operation, reduce longevity and wear the machine
  • The diaphragm disc is finned for pool scrubbing
  • The disk consumes dirt and debris effortlessly
  • 2 years warranty on the disc
  • 1 year warranty on component defects
  • Cleaning performance is equal on both new and old pool facilities
  • Ideal for aboveground and in-ground  facilities
  • Can clean concrete, tiles, vinyl, fiberglass and pebble surfaces.

Product Highlights:

  Free Shipping - All salt systems are shipped for free within Australia.


  Eco Friendly - Salt cell pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.


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